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Professional Appointments

Senior Research Scholar (2018 - today)
Future of Humanity Institute, University of Oxford

Research Affiliate (2019 - today)
Center for the Governance of AI, University of Oxford

Affiliate (2018 - today)
Black Hole Initiative, Harvard University

Academic qualifications

DPhil Philosophy, University of Oxford (2014 - 2018)
Advisors: Prof. Christopher Timpson and Prof. Harvey Brown
Topic: The Scope of Thermodynamics

MSt Philosophy of Physics, University of Oxford (2013 - 2014)
University of Oxford, Modules: Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mind

MSc Physics, Freie Universität Berlin (2011 - 2013)
Advisor: Prof. Dr. Jens Eisert
Thesis title: Superactivation of Gaussian Quantum Channels

BSc Physics, Freie Universität Berlin (2007 - 2011)
Thesis advisor: Prof. Dr. Joachim Heberle
Thesis title: Thermophoresis of Aureochrome


Awards and Fellowships

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow, Black Hole Initiative, Harvard University (2017, 2018)

Visiting Fellow, Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, LMU Munich (2018)

Vice Chancellor's Fund Award, University of Oxford (2018)

Doctoral Scholarship Award, British Society for the Philosophy of Science (2014 - 2017)

Visiting Research Fellow, Center for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore (2011)

Scholarship, Begabtenförderung, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (2007 - 2013)



C. Prunkl, On the equivalence of von Neumann and thermodynamic entropy, Philosophy of Science, forthcoming (Preprint:

C. Prunkl and C. Timpson, On the thermodynamical cost of some interpretations of quantum theory,  Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics, 2018,, (Preprint:

C. Prunkl, The Road to Quantum Thermodynamics, forthcoming in Quantum Foundations of Statistical Mechanics, eds. C. Timpson, D. Bedingham, OUP 2019

V.U. Ludwig, C. Stelzel, C. Prunkl,  H. Krutiak, R. Steimke, L.M. Paschke, N. Kathmann and H. Walter, Impulsivity,self-control and hypnotic suggestibility. Consciousness and Cognition, 22(2):647-653, 2013

Popular Articles

C. Prunkl, Endlich Unendlich - auf der Suche nach dem ewigen Leben. SHIFT, 4:14-19, 2016

C. Prunkl, Das Schummeln der Lämmer - Von kleinen Lügen und großen Konsequenzen, SHIFT, 1:42-46, 2013



(shared upon request)

C. Prunkl, AI and Human Autonomy, 2019

C. Prunkl and J. Whittlestone, Beyond Near and Far: A Taxonomy for the AI Policy Research Space, 2019

C. Prunkl and C. Timpson, Black Hole Entropy is Entropy, 2016 (Preprint:

C. Prunkl and K. Robertson, Thermodynamics without Observers, 2017


Invited talks

Boltzmann Brains and Simulations - Rethinking the Skeptical Hypothesis
Philosophy of Physics Seminar, Universität Bonn, 2019

Thermodynamik und Schwarze Löcher - ein Exkurs
1. DPG Wochenendseminar zur Philosophie der Physik, Universität Bonn, 2018

The Role of Information in Black Hole Thermodynamics
Foundational Problems of Black Holes and Gravitation, Munich Centre for Mathematical Philosophy, 2018

Resource Theories and Axiomatic Thermodynamics
Philosophy of Physics Conference, University of Western Ontario, 2018

Black Hole Entropy, how much information do we need?
Sigma Club, London School of Economics, 2018
Philosophy of Physics Seminar, University of Oxford, 2018
The Black Hole Initiative Colloquium, Harvard University, 2017

On the thermodynamical cost associated with some quantum interpretations.
Leuven-Buenos Aires Workshop on the Philosophy of Physics, University of Leuven, 2016


Conference Talks

Black Holes and Information
European Philosophy of Science Association, Geneva 2019

Symposium on Black Holes: Entropy and System Size
British Society for the Philosophy of Science Annual Conference, Oxford 2018

Thermodynamics without Observers?
Conference on the Second Law of Thermodynamics, LMU München, 2017

Black Hole Entropy is Entropy (and not Information)
Thinking about Space and Time: 100 Years of Applying and Interpreting General Relativity, University of Bern, 2017
5th International Summer School in Philosophy of Physics, Saig, 2017

A Tale of Two Entropies - defending the von Neumann Entropy.
Philosophy of Science Association Biennial Meeting, Atlanta, 2016

Are some quantum interpretations hotter than others?
British Society for the Philosophy of Science Annual Conference, Cardiff, 2016


Governance of AI, Lecturer, University of Oxford, 2019
Advanced Philosophy of Physics, Lecturer, University of Oxford, 2019
The Ethics of AI, Lecturer, Oxford AI Society, 2019
Introduction to Logic, Teaching Assistant, University of Oxford, 2017
Philosophy of Science, Tutor, University of Oxford, 2015
Quantum Theory and Quantum Computers, Teaching Assistant, University of Oxford, 2014

Other Engagements

Advisor on future governance of AI
UK 2070 Commission, Expert consultation, 2019

Expert Panelist, Mentor
A.I. Impact Weekend, Oxford Foundry, 8.-10.2.2019