Lecture series: The Ethics and Social implications of AI

Hilary Term 2018

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This course will investigate the moral and social implications of Artificial Intelligence. The course includes lectures, discussions and talks given by experts in the area, and will identify and examine the most relevant and important issues that dominate the debate around ethics in AI. Topics covered include bias in decision-making algorithms, the question of accountability for autonomous and semi-autonomous AI, the morality of military and healthcare AI, the difficulties associated with the governance of AI and possible future scenarios.


1. Introduction
2. Ethics and the Alignment Problem (with Franziska Poprawe, Philosophy, Oxford)
3. Algorithmic Bias and Fairness (with Ondrej Bajgar, Future of Humanity Institute)
4. No lecture due to Dr Sandra Wachter’s Talk on the Ethics of AI
5. Accountability and Responsibility (with Dr Brent Mittelstadt, Oxford Internet Institute, and Toby Shevlane, Faculty of Law)
6. Governance and malicious use of AI (with Markus Anderljung and Ben Garfinkel, Center for the Governance of AI)
7. Future Scenarios (with Dr Anders Sandberg, Future of Humanity Institute)

A more detailed syllabus and reading list for the course can be found here.